About Us

Nutranomy LLC is an integrated herbal extracts company specialized in export & import of Indian organic spices production, quality control, testing, packaging and global distribution to our warehouse facilities for further direct wholesale distribution. 

Nutranomy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Arka1 LLC. a global venture capital think tank promoting safe, sustainable utilization of available natural resources for the benefit of human health and wellness starting from the point of origin, people, process, technology encompassing all aspects of organic food production and monetization across the ecosystem.

Arka1 is a multi-generation, family run institution where we are deeply involved in the soil health, seed selection, applying scientific methods for chemical free production of high-quality food material which is further refined using scientific methods to extract high quality molecules of high interest ingredients which can be incorporated into human health, fitness and natural immunity boosting.  

Current generation of founding family members have taken keen interest in global expansion and modernization of Nutraceuticals and standardized herbal extracts as per global pharmacopoeia standards. The company has funded and entered into expanding it's manufacturing a wide range of products and is fast growing to meet the present and future market demands for plant-based scientifically processed products.

The company has engaged highly qualified, experienced professionals to maintain world-class regulatory governance and compliance standards. Our endeavor is to ensure the availability of traceable, transparent world-class high-quality, high-potency products across the globe for the most discrimination connoisseur’s.